About Candels

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Our Company

Candels was established in 2003 to fill a growing need for electrical estimators. To this day, that need continues to grow because the electrical industry is aging, and the knowledge base is dwindling. In addition to offering our outsourced estimating services, Candels established Candels Academy to teach the trade how to estimate. Unlike electrical apprenticeship programs, there is really no place to learn to estimate except on the job or through a proven program like Candels. Throughout our history, Candels has always been committed to education and the betterment of the industry because it is good for all of us. The Candels Family wants to ensure that that knowledge base is replaced!

Service Area

In the beginning, our service area included New England and the Metro NY area. Today, Candels has grown to serve customers in virtually every state, Canada, and parts of the Caribbean. There is virtually no type of project that that isn’t part of our book of business, and we have a reputation of “making the impossible, possible.” It seems as if the most difficult or impossible projects are sent to us because the industry knows that Candels can accomplish what others simply cannot.

Our Team

Our team has been bigger; our team has been smaller, and we seem to have found the perfect combination that works to get the jobs out on time and doesn’t stress our overhead. We’ve worked long and hard over the years to perfect our proprietary process to provide our customers with the most detailed take-off possible and follow up with project delivery that is second to none. Our team is comprised of mostly electricians who can more easily visualize the electrical installations; however we also understand the value of balance so we have a few non-electricians that are also a valuable part of our team.