Expert Claims & Testimony

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  1. REA vs Claim and Why
  2. Damage Assessment & Quantification
  3. Cost Analytics & Auditing
  4. Labor, Material Escalation & Productivity Loss
  5. Forensics & Dispute Resolution
  6. Mediation Support
  7. Court Appearance Expert Testimony
  8. Owner’s Representative


Candels Estimating assisted me as a consultant in defending a complex claim by an electrical contractor in Connecticut. They acted both as instructors on the issues and as independent reviewers of the claims. Having worked with many consultants and experts, I was especially impressed by the timeliness of their work, their ability to present and explain their conclusions, their follow-up when requested, and on their overall knowledge of the electrical contracting discipline. I enjoyed working with them, and hope to be able to use their services again.

Deborah Monteith Neubert Esq. Founding Principal, Neubert Pepe & Monteith, P.C.

I have worked with Marc Candels and his staff on several engagements. They have collectively been a great resource of electrical estimating knowledge that has been invaluable. I look forward to working with Candels on future matters and would recommend them as leaders in the estimating industry.

James French Managing Director, Berkeley Research Group (BRG)