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Quantitative Take-Offs

The Candels Estimating Team is trained to provide each client with a complete, detailed, and easy-to-follow take-off. Each take-off is categorized and provided to you by the different phases of the project. This take-off builds the foundation required for our team to build your Candels Estimate.

Vendor Quote Preparation

We know that the procurement process is crucial to a successful bid. The more time our clients have to review and work with their vendors, the better. That said, one of the very first things our clients receive are individual emails with a detailed count sheet and all necessary supporting documents. When your vendor has questions, send them right back to us and we will do our best to provide a quick, but also accurate, response.

Scope (Proposal) Letters

Once your project is ready, Candels will deliver your project to you via email with a variety of reports and a complete Scope Letter. This is one less thing that our clients need to worry about because all the information we used is right there for their use. To make things even better, each project comes with an optional Project Turnover Meeting at no extra cost to you. We strongly encourage all clients to take advantage of that meeting.

Value Engineering

You have plans, you have specifications. Oh, that’s right, your client wants you to find code and spec-approved value engineering options to increase their profits by lowering their costs. Well, Candels will take care of that too! Your estimators will work alongside you to verify all V/E options and, also, ensure that they are code-compliant.

Pre-Design Budgeting

With a rough, conceptual, or schematic design, Candels works with clients to produce a starting point until the project is further engineered. This is a great way to have clients establish the connection and know that they are the right ones for the project.

Complete Design-Build Estimates

This type of estimate is a more detailed version of a budget bid. By utilizing the footprint drawings with more details provided in the RFP regarding room types, building usage, and required equipment, Candels will be able to provide a more detailed estimate for you to present to your client(s). 

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