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Linda’s Midyear Construction Outlook

Where has the first half of this year gone? If you are anything like me, you are already looking ahead to fall activities such as the NECA Convention and Trade Show. If you are attending, come visit us at Booth #2207! Speaking of which, the topic this month in the editorial calendar of ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR […]

Bidding Renovation Projects

Welcome to June! The topic this month in the editorial calendar of ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Magazine is renovation and retrofit. Bidding a renovation project is not always straightforward. Let’s face it; the tricky part is that you will have existing items to remain, existing items to be relocated and of course new items. And, when you […]

Bidding (and Winning) Safely During COVID

This is my fifth monthly blog post of the year. How did it get to be May already? If you are anything like me, you might still be stuck in March of 2020 when this crazy pandemic turned everything upside down. As much as we thought that the dawn of a new year, 2021, would […]

Getting Smart with Lighting

The focus of this month’s blog is smart lighting. As I stated before, I am writing my monthly blog with the subject matter being in line with the monthly editorial focus of ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Magazine. For more great articles about smart lighting, I encourage you to visit to check out their April 2021 issue. […]

Demystifying Electrical Control Systems in your Estimate

This is my third monthly blog post of 2021. As I was preparing the post, I realized that I haven’t explained where I am getting my inspiration for these posts, so I thought I would share with you now. As some of you may know, Candels has advertised in Electrical Contractor Magazine since 2005. It’s […]

The Workforce – Essential Workers, The Trades, and COVID

A meme I recently saw on Facebook prompted me to write about essential and non-essential workers which will eventually lead me to talk about the trades. Further, I felt a need to discuss what’s really happening and where I believe we are headed. Define Essential During this pandemic, we have learned that Hollywood starlets, professional […]