Candels Estimating launches CandelsPRO™ - Candels Estimating, Training, Consulting

Candels Estimating launches CandelsPRO™

Electrical Estimating Certification subscription-based training.

The popular Candels Academy innovates programs to offer electrical estimators greater flexibility in meeting training needs.

BABCOCK RANCH, FL: 8.1.2021 — You asked, Candels listened. Staying current on ever-evolving regulations and related software versioning takes more than continuing education, it takes continuous education. To that end, the long-standing Candels Estimating and their web-based Candels Academy has launched CandelsPROTM — the only unlimited access, subscription based training program designed specifically for electrical estimators.

“Whether you’re just starting out, or a experienced estimator seeking to stay current with new best practices and software tools, Candels Academy not only provides at-your-pace training, you can now purchase fixed monthly subscriptions to allow greater flexibility in access and timing,” shares Marc Candels, President and CEO of Candels Estimating. 

“We not only completely reinvented our class modules with new, more engaging presentations, print on demand PDFs and experienced moderators, we also opened up our programs to allow cost-saving subscriptions,” continues Linda Candels, Vice President and managing partner for the Academy. “‘With today’s challenging labor market, we understand that our clients need to train new hires as quickly as possible, keep existing employees fully current and potentially cross train current employees to address roles where experienced candidates are few/far between. By offering training for a flat monthly fee with unlimited access, we meet these needs and support our industry effectively. One client shared that our flexibility training was the difference between being in business or walking away.”

CandelsPROTM the details: 

  • With an initial investment of $2,500 students gain full access to the program and more. Each month there will be an additional charge of $149 to keep their subscription active with the most up-to-date information.
  • Includes the ability to access up to 18 different training modules complete with a formal certification upon completion. 
  • Every module not only includes web-based classes for learn-at-your-own pace training, it also includes a fully prepared manual and more.
  • As always, every Candels Academy resource is backed by satisfaction guarantee and the full support of the entire Candels Estimating team. 
  • The new student package, shipped directly to their home or office, will include:
    • CandelsPROTM Student Workbook
    • Candels Estimating Mousepad
    • Candels Promotional Materials
  • In addition to course, subscription students will also receive:
    • Individual Kickoff Call with the Candels via Zoom
    • Invitation to the Students-only Private Facebook Group
    • Monthly 1-on-1 Zoom Training with Marc Candels
    • Access to the Candels Virtual Lab Machines
    • Complimentary Student License to PlanSwift by Construct Connect

Candels was established in 2003 to fill a growing need for electrical estimators. To this day, that need continues to grow because the electrical industry is aging, and the knowledge base is dwindling. In addition to offering our outsourced estimating services, Candels established Candels Academy to teach the trade how to estimate. Unlike other electrical apprenticeship programs, there is really no place to learn to estimate except on the job or through a proven program like Candels. Throughout our history, Candels has always been committed to education and the betterment of the industry because it is good for all of us. The Candels Family wants to ensure that that knowledge base is replaced!

For more information and to order a subscription program to CandelsPRO visit or call Candels toll free at (877) 226-3357.